Gospel Train Connection   

 "JESUS CAME TO SAVE SINNERS, to which I was chief"  

Let me tell you a little about myself........

I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come in my life and saved me about a year into my marriage to a wonderful man. In 1975, I discovered I was an alcoholic, when I woke one day and felt my insides shaken, I wanted to take a drink before noon. My husband and I was functioning alcoholics. We worked all week long and party on the weekend. I would go to my office, the fog would not clear in my head until about noon. It was when my husband asked me to lay off the beer for a couple of days that I became aware I COULDN'T. It was like the bottom of my world fell out...You see I grew up with parents that were alcoholics, never thought I would be that stupid.

I was frighten I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come in my life and SAVED ME, HE DID, HE DELIVERED me from all my addictions, HE took the taste, the dependency SUPERNATURALLY.

He healed & set me free, I never before felt unconditional love like I experienced from the SAVIOR.

Now my purpose, mission in life is to tell the world about Jesus Saves.