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 "JESUS CAME TO SAVE SINNERS, to which I was chief"  

If your emotional issue was a pumpkin you were cooking, would you make pumpkin pie out of it? Or would you put that pot of cooked pumpkin on the back porch to rot while you waited for an apology from your spouse?

n this honest and transparent book, Rev. Gloria Alexander shares how her pot of pumpkin on the back porch turned into a lesson of who she was inside and how to change the inner mess into being blessed.

Using the Word of God, practical exercises and personal examples, Rev. Gloria Alexander will help you transform your "issue" into a beautiful depth of character. Don't be stuck any longer! Follow along with these practical applications and move those pumpkins off your back porch!

A must read for those who feel stuck in their personal or professional life!

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Author Rev. Gloria Alexander in her book, "Move the Pumpkins Off the Back Porch" revealed her struggle with resentment and how she overcame through the Lord Jesus Christ.
"I did not know Beyonce sung a song Resentment, now I am telling those that played it over and over that could relate to the pain, if you are ready to move on, Jesus can heal the pain, the hurt, the lies" said: Gloria Alexander


Mayor John Reiley  Pottsville, presenting Proclamation to Rev Alexander, "Move the Pumpkins Off the Back Porch Day"